Fellow American,

Our Retirement

I thought our federal retirement and any IRA safe.

Recent administration wants to:
- Increase retirement age!
- Increase taxes on benefits!
- Increase the percentage of worker withholding to 12.4%
- Increase Medicare deduction for SSI!
- Increase deduction cap from $137k to $400k!

Our retirements are reduced by inflation and loss of assets.

Social security was Fully Funded! Until the assets were transferred to the general budget, funds were used to fund other programs.

What is the retirement poverty level?
It is supposed to be 125% of poverty the poverty guidline.

Under my watch I will:
- Restore payments to 80% of preretirement levels.
- Restore our retirements.
- Stop the penalties.
- Stop taxing retirement income.

I will follow the US Constitution, assuring equality to all Americans.



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Dave Giles
United States Congress
Arizona's 4th District

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